Freetown Business School
Business Etiquette Lecture

Miatta D.Efe-Oghene, Managing Director of iMatrix101 Group, graced the students of the Freetown Business School with a presentation on Business Etiquette, at the Lagunda Restaurant, Aberdeen.

She spoke on a series of topics, from the importance of proper posture to the purposes of communication, drawing on her years of corporate experience to deliver practical business-related advice to the up and coming entreprenuers.

Miatta has held top administrative positions in companies such as British Airways, Honeywell & MoneyGram International, and is currently the Managing Director of iMatrix101 Group, a multi-faceted company that provides comprehensive freight management, shipping, logistics services and marketing solutions for clients globally and within Sierra Leone.

During her presentation, she implored that hard work, determination and focus are key characteristics for aspiring businessmen and women. "No matter how difficult it seems, keep pushing," Miatta quoted, "Never be satisfied with standing still."

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