Community Sensitization
for World Malaria Day

Ready to Beat Malaria: these words mark the theme for this year’s April 25th, 2018 World Malaria Day. On this day, a special focus is placed on the global malaria community, to observe the results of those who have been combating malaria, strengthen previous anti-malaria initiatives and create new policies to stop and eventually wipe out the disease.

In Sierra Leone, malaria is still a dangerous threat to the lives of the populace. A 2017 report stated that there were nearly 23,000 reported cases of malaria in the country last year with nearly 100 related deaths. These statistics prove that progress has been made, but more work needs to be done.

The World Health Organization has set a 2020 milestone to have reduced malaria case incidence and death rates by 40%. The eradication of malaria will not happen unless there is more investment in malaria diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

We at iMatrix101Group believe the responsibility of aid, not only in healthcare, but every other pivotal sector, does not fall solely on the shoulders of government, but all those willing and in a position to help. It’s for this reason we focus all our Corporate Social Responsibility Projects on pressing societal issues, such as women, youth and educational empowerment, stating our own personal mantra, “Changing Lives!”

As our own commitment to beating malaria, we have partnered with the Aberdeen Women’s Centre and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation for a sensitization outreach, visiting communities to inform them of malaria prevention strategies and best practices to combat malaria. The local theme is “Join Bele Wuman Beat Malaria” and we are excited to team up for such a noble cause.

If we are truly Ready-to-Beat-Malaria, it means the private and public sector, along with local government and the international community, putting resources, ideas and actions together. Only then can we ensure a healthier, malaria-free future.

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