FURNISHED AND FULLY STOCKED: iMatrix101 Creates Library for the Initiative for Women and Girls Empowerment Orphanage

“We all know that education, more than anything else, improves our chances of building better lives.” Nelson Mandela

The importance of capacity building through education and educational materials can never be overemphasized. In line with this belief and the belief that when one teaches, two learn, iMatrix101 Group donated tables, chairs, a custom-made book shelf and books to the Initiative for Women and Girls Empowerment Orphanage in Wellington.

Ajara Bomah, Marketing and Communication Manager for Elixir Marketing & Media, the communication and media unit of the Imatrix101 Group, presented the items to the children and management of IWGE, reaffirming their lengthy and fruitful relationship. “We believe that strong partnerships are essential to progress in any venture in life. The Learning Foundation, who donated these books, is a close partner of ours, an organization that also believes in the necessity of youth and education empowerment. iMatrix101 Clearing and Forwarding cleared the shipment of books for the Learning Foundation free of charge and these books are being used to enrich the minds of the next generation of leaders.

Marketing and Communication Executive, Isata Fofana said that she hoped that the children would not only read the books and enjoy the atmosphere of the library, but learn and retain the knowledge they receive from them. “The best thing you all can do is make the most out of this opportunity.”

Admin Supervisor of IWGE, Mohamed Sheka accepted the donation, thanking iMatrix101 Group for once again delivering on their promises. “This room has been empty for a long while. Now, with these tables, books and chairs, the environment is now comfortable and the children have a stable and conducive place to learn and educate themselves. Again and again iMatrix101 continues to leave us speechless.”

iMatrix101 Group and IWGE have come a long way. IWGE was a struggling orphanage in dire need of new quarters to house the dozens of children they take care of. It was by providing IWGE with the logistics to rent a new house that the relationship between iMatrix101 Group and IWGE began. Since that time, iMatrix101 has provided scholarships, learning materials and much needed support to the Initiative. This donation is just another step in the long journey iMatrix101 and IWGE have taken together.

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